Let’s Brew – Featuring Fairfield Craft Ales

On a snowy Saturday afternoon in Stratford, CT, 25 members of CT Beer Drinkers. braved the treacherous roads, to come together and brew up a tasty IPA with Fairfield Craft Ales. Members of the group were able to participate in the brewing process from start to finish. Helping to mill grains, mashing, adding hops to the boil.

After brewing two batches, we were left with a Hazy New England Style IPA featuring Azacca hops with a bright citrusy aroma. To add even more flavor, the beer was dry hopped with more Azacca Hops. Even cooler, our group members were able to name the beer.

On February 25th, we will have our release of our IPA, Snowblind IPA.


Chris Flynn

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